October 21, 2016


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Sections Approved by UT System with Mark-ups
Sections Approved by UT System with Mark-ups provides links to policies that have recently been approved by UT System.  These are the same as the polices found in the Official HOP but with Congressional markings to show what changes were made from the old version to the new version of the policy. Final revisions are shown using Congressional markings: substantive revisions in red; non-substantive revisions in black; UT System revisions in green.
Name changed from Outside Employment, Secondary Appointments, Non-Elective Positions of Honor, Profit, or Trust, and Services on Outside Boards
Needing UT System Approval
Proposed to delete. Included with policy 5.5.2 which is pending approval from UT System
Non-substantive Changes
Non-substantive changes (11-14-14)
Name changed from Campus Environmental Health and Safety Program