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September 30, 2016

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TI Nspire CX and Vernier Training 


"Math and Science are one in the same, but getting kids to realize this is always an issue. With this software, it is easy to see how both relate.  Kids also always want to be on their phones texting-now they can text their answers on a calculator. Classroom management will be easier by utilizing "refreshing' screenshots as we wander the room. The calculator and software is extremely user friendly. It is kinda like Microsoft Office. COLOR! So cool!!  - Andrea Ramos, Los Fresnos H.S.
"Over last school year I implemented the use of Vernier's Labquest in my class and I had great results. Students enjoyed the use of the equipment tremendously. The handheld device is similar to their cell phones so students challenge themselves to master the device and in the process the topic I am covering in  class."    - Ulrich Weisse, Rivera H.S.
"All (students) would benefit but the science students now get to use the TI Nspire in the science class and will now see more math applications. Bringing the TI Nspire with Vernier is an excellent match."  - Robert Peynado, Lasara H.S.
"Awesome in-service/workshop. I wish the entire physics department from my campus were here.  - Edinburg, H.S.


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