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CIVE 2120 Civil Engineering Measurements [0-3]

Principles of measurement and error analysis; introduction to plane surveying.

CIVE 2140 Materials of Construction [0-3]
Engineering properties of construction materials, preparation and testing of concrete mixtures,
chemistry and science of Portland cement, related ASTM test specifications.
Prerequisites: CHEM 1307 and 1107.

CIVE 3324 Structural Analysis [3-0]
Forces and deflections in structural systems; considers stationary and moving loads and exact
and approximate methods, analysis of statically indeterminate structures by consistent
deformation, slope-deflection, and moment distribution methods.
Prerequisite: MECE 3321.

CIVE 3331 Environmental Engineering [3-0]

Principles, analysis, and design related to environmental monitoring, protection, and remediation
systems. Topics include environmental quality and legislation, modeling, water treatment,
wastewater treatment, solid and hazardous waste management, air and noise pollution, and
radioactive waste management.
Prerequisites: CHEM 1307 and 1107, PHYS 2401.

CIVE 3333 Water and Wastewater Treatment [3-0]
Theory, modeling, and design of chemical, biochemical and physical processes for water
treatment, wastewater treatment, and pollution control.
Prerequisite: CIVE 3331.

CIVE 3341 Structural Steel Design [3-0]
Analysis and design of steel tension members, beams, columns, and bolted or welded
connections. Emphasis on AISC structural codes and computer tools to assist the designer.
Introduction to plastic design.
Prerequisite: CIVE 3324.

CIVE 3352 Civil Engineering Systems Analysis [3-0]
Systems approach to problem solving, application of operations research in civil engineering;
and mathematical modeling and analysis techniques including marginal analysis, linear
programming, and dynamic programming and decision analysis.
Co-requisite: MANE 3337.

CIVE 3375 Geotechnical Engineering and Applications [2-1]
Exploration, sampling, and in-situ measurements; laboratory testing; review of fundamental
properties of soil and rock; flow through porous media; the effective stress principle and
computation of in-situ stress distributions; shear strength of soils and one-dimensional
consolidation settlement; introduction to slope stability. Emphasis in laboratory on ASTM and
AASHTO testing standards.
Prerequisite: MECE 3321.

CIVE 4315 Applied Hydrology [3-0]
Hydrologic cycle, precipitation, hydrologic abstractions, surface runoff; unit hydrographs;
synthetic hydrographs; peak discharge relationships; flood frequency analysis; flood and
reservoir routing; and groundwater hydrology. Binomial, normal, and extreme-value skewed
Prerequisite: MECE 3315.

CIVE 4335 Water Resources Engineering [3-0]
Analysis and design of surface and subsurface water resource facilities. Design of water supply,
gravity flow sanitary sewers and storm water drainage systems; pumps and pump systems and
Prerequisites: CIVE 3331; CIVE 4315 co-requisite.

CIVE 4346 Reinforced Concrete Design [3-0]
Mechanics, behavior, and design of reinforced concrete members.
Prerequisites: CIVE 3324.

CIVE 4347 Foundation Design [3-0]
Design of footings, mats and slab-on-grade; earth pressures and design of retaining walls, piles
and drilled piers, soil improvement and ground modification; pre-stressed slab design.
Prerequisite: CIVE 3375.

CIVE 4348 Highway Engineering [3-0]
Principles of transportation engineering, traffic volume, highway capacity; General
characteristics of highway design; horizontal and vertical alignment, cross-sections, earthwork,
drainage, and pavement; and economic analysis.
Prerequisites: CIVE 2120, 3352.

CIVE 4349 Construction Planning and Management [3-0]
Planning, managing, scheduling and control of construction projects. Topics include
management functions, network techniques, equipment selection, management and operation,
construction financing, bidding strategy, risk assessment, cost control, and projection.
Prerequisites: CIVE 3352.

CIVE 4390 Civil Engineering Senior Design Project [2-3]
An overview of design, management and professional engineering; student design teams
complete a comprehensive project involving several areas of civil engineering. Course to be
completed in the final semester of the student's civil engineering degree plan.
Prerequisite: Consent of CIVE advisor.

CIVE 1100 CE Study I: [0-3]
Repeatable, lower division undergraduate course facilitating organized study in civil engineering.
Prerequisite: Consent of CIVE advisor.

CIVE 4100 CE Study II: [0-3]
Repeatable, upper division undergraduate course facilitating organized study in civil engineering.
Prerequisite: Consent of CIVE advisor.

CIVE 4199 CE Topic: [0-3]
CIVE 4299 CE Topic: [2-0]
CIVE 4399 CE Topic: [3-0]
CIVE 4499 CE Topic: [3-3]

Civil Engineering Topic: this course facilitates concentrated study of a civil engineering topic
beyond the depth or breadth of courses in the current undergraduate catalog; variable credit (1-4
semester credit hours).
Prerequisite: Consent of CIVE advisor.