Message From The Dean

Dr. Dahlia Guerra

I am pleased and proud to introduce you to our six departments: Art, Communication, English, History & Philosophy, Modern Languages & Literature, and Music & Dance. The goals of the college are based upon the recognition that a liberal arts education is the foundation for all university studies and we present a wide number and range of programs to promote the arts, the humanities and the exchange of ideas.

Our Art Department allows you to specialize in drawing, ceramics, painting, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design, or mixed mediums, and thanks to our unique borderland location with Mexico, you’ll be able to show your work internationally. The Department of Communication provides tailored educational experiences related to communication studies, theatre, television, film, and radio, and you can maximize your learning experience through research projects, publications, and the study of several multicultural and global communication issues.

The Department of English offers a wide variety of courses for undergraduates who major or minor in English. Students can choose from courses in literary studies, critical theory, applied linguistics, creative writing, and rhetoric and composition. The unique courses offered by the Department of History & Philosophy allow you to take classes on the U.S., borderland, Latin America, Mexican American Studies, and Europe, encouraging the continuation of education to PhD programs.

The Modern Languages & Literature Department provides a unique opportunity to study the cultural expressions of the Spanish speaking world, as well as opportunities to apply these findings to real life cases in the Texas-Mexico border region and to be guided by the most knowledgeable scholars in the Spanish field. Students in the Department of Music and Dance pursue excellence in performance in their areas of major interest in addition to taking courses in general education, theory, and literature of music. The Dance Program provides a curriculum of dance classes in Ballet, Modern Jazz, Mexican Folkloric, Modern, and Spanish/Flamenco.

Education in the Arts and Humanities teaches students to effectively communicate and to solve real world problems. Together, the arts and humanities provide the foundation for all fields of study and an excellent pathway to graduate study in many fields.

Take particular note of the Festival of International Books and Arts (FESTIBA) in March, which includes an extraordinary five-day conference and celebration consisting of lectures, workshops, panel discussion, and artistic presentations. FESTIBA brings the foremost scholars, authors, artists, musicians, and educators in their disciplines to UTPA and the surrounding community!

Thank you for your interest in our College, and we hope you choose to join us!