UTPA President
UTPA President's Circle


Anonymous Charter Member
Wanda L. Boush Founding Member
Victor H. and Sandra C. Gonzalez Founding Member
R. David Guerra (International Bank of Commerce)  
Richard Lawson (Verizon)  
Carlos and Stephanie Manrique De Lara Founding Member
Dan (BBA '78) and Terry Martinez  
Linda Mathews and John Sargent Founding Member
Robert and Jody Nelsen Founding Member
Raul A. and Suzanne D. Peña  
Ruben A. (BBA '77) and Blanca E. Pérez  
Julio C. (BBA '78) and Rosie (BBA '80) Rodriguez Charter Member


Al Beltran (BBA '75) (Security First Federal Credit Union) Founding Member
J. R. Betancourt (BA '01) and Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt (BA '01)  
Ruben R. and Dardanella G. Cárdenas Charter Member
Veronica Gonzales  
Eli R. Ochoa and Velma (BS '79) Menchaca (ERO)  
Edward H. and Susan E. Muñoz Founding Member
Robert and Margaret McAllen Founding Member
Joe and Sylvia Ramirez Founding Member
Cyndy Ramos (Security First Federal Credit Union) Founding Member
Ed Rivera Founding Member
Havidán Rodríguez and Rosa M. Lopez Charter Member
Tom and Nina Torkelson Founding Member
Rick R. Villarreal (BBA '85)  


Lydia P. (BBA '87 MBA '99) and Hector (BS '90) Alemán Charter Member
Sharon Almaguer  
Julian Alvarez III (Rio Grande Valley Partnership Foundation)  
Angie Arismendi  
Alejandro and Vivian Badia  
Margaret M. Baltis (BA '56)  
Cayetano and Yolanda Barrera  
Marty V. and Kelly D. Baylor  
F.J. Brewerton  
Cindy A. Billescas (BS '82, MED '99)  
Cynthia J. (PhD '98) and Sidney P. Brown Charter Member
Joe Brown (BBA '84) (Border Capital Bank)  
Ellery Buchanan (FibeRio Technology Corp)  
Omar J. (BA '86 MA '94) and Martha A. (BA '85 MED '90 Ed.D. '02) Cantu Charter Member
Fred and Josie Cappadona  
Paul C. and Florence M. Crissman  
Antonio (BS '66 MS '69) and Katherine de la Peña (EdD '06)  
Kenneth A. Everhard (BBA '64) Charter Member
Sonia A. Falcon (BBA '91)  
Jeffrey A. (MBA '98) and Rosario Graham  
Gary and Bailey Gurwitz  
Danny and Stephanie Gurwitz  
William C. (BBA '74) and Jodi E. (BA '04) Hamer Founding Member
Tobin Hickman and Blanca Chow-Hickman Founding Member
Clara Dina Hinojosa  
Mary Lea Jeffers Founding Member
Chris and Alicia King  
Kenneth and Carolyn C. Landrum Charter Member
Jim Langabeer and Susan Griffith Founding Member
Carmen Z. Lara (BBA '75)  
Ed and Jane LeMaster (BBA '86 MFA '02)  
David C. and J. Rachael (BA '72) Loman Founding Member
Cullen R. and Carol Lynn Looney Charter Member
Laurie L. Lozano (International Women's Board)  
Marian F. Monta Founding Member
Roy and Aida Martinez Founding Member
Carmen L. Martínez-López (Ph.D. '03)  
Doug and Dolores Matney Founding Member
Robert McDaniel  
Hilda Medrano (MED '74) and Ralph Carlson  
Neil E. and Virginia L. Norquest  
John Sigrist (BFA '78) and Pattie Rosenlund (MS '06) (Aloe King)  
Modesto and Yvette C. (BA '00) Padilla Charter Member
Armando (BBA '93) and Corina (BIS '95) Perez  
Janice and James E. Odom Founding Member
H.R. Bert Peña  
Lisa L. Cardoza Prieto  
Velinda (BS '94) and Armando Reyes Charter Member
Humberto (BBA '75) and Norma Rodriguez  
John P. and Mary Alice Ronnau  
Don E. Russell (BS '62)  
Andy Sanchez (BS '75) (Nurses That Care)  
Tony A. (BBA '83) and Evelyn M. (BBA '84) Sanchez  
John Schrock, Sr.  
S. J. (MBA '92) and T.J. (MBA '92) Sethi  
Melynda Nuss and José Skinner Founding Member
Frank A. and Joyce G. (BA '63) Smith Founding Member
Martha Tevis Founding Member
Cindy Valdez (BA '96, MED '00, MED '03)  
Lynn and S. G. Vincentnathan Charter Member
Joe Voje  
Frederick (Ted) and Catharyn von Ende  
Janet H. Wallace  
Thomas A. Waters (BA '63)  
Gustavo (BA '61) and Rosa (BS '63 MED '73) Zapata Founding Member


Founding Member are members that joined by August 31, 2010.

Charter Member are members that joined between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2011.