Code of Conduct


Each Senate member shall be accessible to constituents, communicate constituents' concerns to the Senate, and report Senate discussions, decisions, and actions back to constituents. Senators shall work actively toward the goal of improving the University and the working conditions for its Staff members; senate members shall protect and promote the interests of their constituents and the University even when these conflict with the Senator's own interests. Senate members shall keep private (non-University) interest separate from their University activities to avoid conflicts of interest.

Senate members shall keep informed of current University policies, procedures, and expectations affecting the interest of the Staff and functioning of the University.

Senate members shall strive to demonstrate competence, fairness, integrity, and conscientious behavior as they conduct Senate business within the University community.

Senate members are free to express personal opinions to constituents and other members of the University community; however, they must clearly state that these opinions are their own and differentiate them from Senate positions and actions when differences exist. Senate members shall not misrepresent any Senate action, position, or decision to the University community.