TracDat Resources

The University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) currently uses TracDat as its primary assessment tool. TracDat is an online system that allows users to create, maintain, and generate reports related to administrative and academic assessment. The Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness (OIRE) is responsible for administering Administrative and Educational Service (AES) units in the TracDat system. The Office of the Provost is responsible for administering Academic, i.e. Student Learning Outcome (SLO), assessment in the TracDat system.

Requesting Access to TracDat

Any person that has not previously used TracDat for AES or Academic Assessment will need to request access to the system. If someone was a previous user but left the institution for any period of time, their access will have been deactivated and a new access request will need to be made.

Using TracDat for Administrative Assessment

OIRE has created a couple of different resources to guide administrators in their use of TracDat to create action plans, enter results and prepare assessment reports.

Quick Reference Sheet - This document is a simplified, one-page, set of instructions for users that have past experience with TracDat and just need a basic refresher.

TracDat User’s Guide - This document offers a comprehensive overview of the TracDat system and walks users through each process using detailed instructions and screen shots for easier navigation.

TracDat Training

Each year OIRE offers two different types of targeted training sessions for TracDat users:

  1. Creating/Modifying Action Plans
  2. Entering Assessment Results

Sessions take place in computer labs so that users get a hands-on experience. Each session is offered multiple times per year to maximize users’ ability to attend. For more information about when training sessions will be taking place, see the TracDat Training Schedule page.