Office of Institutional Equity

Faculty Vacancies

Due to different application processes between staff and faculty positions, please note the following items:
  • All faculty vacancies are handled directly by the employing Academic College.
  • Please submit your application via our online system:

Our employment opportunities listing is dynamic and changes are made as job vacancies close or new jobs become available throughout the business week. If you have questions but are not sure with whom to address them, please contact the Office of Human Resources staff at (956) 665-2359 or via email to We are ready to assist you.

If you are looking for a specific faculty vacancy and know the college, please contact the Assistant Dean for Administration of the appropriate college for additional guidance.

College of Sciences
Bill Elliot
(956) 882-6579
College of Business & Entrepreneurship
Patty Rodriguez
(956) 665-3230
College of Health Affairs
Ernesto Tusa
(956) 882-7493
College of Fine Arts
Mirna Villarreal
(956) 665-3685
College of Education & P-16 Integration
David Granado
(956) 665-8795
College of Engineering & Computer Science
Julissa Flores
(956) 665-3696
College of Liberal Arts
Monica Denny
(956) 665-8794
University College
Nick Weimer
(956) 665-7946