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How do I Know which laws will directly affect me?

The purpose of the Initiative is to bring up proposed legislation (laws) that relate to the everyday various concerns of students (tuition, residency status, environment, etc).

Proposed laws will be put on the blog and updated frequently so students will have the chance to give their opinion and engage in healthy discussion.

Who represents me…and how do I contact them?

UTPA is based in Hidalgo county. For information on who to contact visit the Hidalgo County website and search by county.

You may contact your representative by phone or by email. Feel free to respectfully share your opinions with them on any proposed laws…this is why they represent us!

Why vote at all?

One of the most common misconceptions is that your vote does not count. What you may not realize is that the presidential election is not a nationwide election, but a statewide process. Each vote is counted toward the final tally in your state, which tells your electors what candidate the state of Texas has chosen. The electors will then vote for that candidate, giving him the State of Texas' 34 electoral votes.

Will my vote count this November?

More than ever! In this season of historic candidacy, your local and state representatives want to know who you believe should hold the highest position in the United States. Each candidate is counting on every single vote in Texas to give them a large electoral advantage, so this is your chance to make history.

Does my Vote only count for the Presidential Ballot?

No. When you register, you are not limited to only voting for the president. Voter registration allows you to choose your statewide representatives and local officials. Be careful not to overlook voting for the candidates to fill these positions. These individuals are just as important to the Valley, and some will serve as our direct ambassadors.

Do I meet the formal requirements for voting?

The list of requirements for voting in Texas is rather short. In order to vote in the elections, you must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years of age, and be registered to vote.

How do I register?

There are many resources you can access to register. You can register in person at the political science department office on the 2nd floor of the SBS Building, or you can fill out your registration form online at various voter registration sites (listed on the right side).

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