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Welcome to UTPA's New Outside Activity Online Portal

Plain Language Policy Q&A To Request an Approval - Step by Step Instructions

The Portal is hosted by UT System to implement each institution’s policies addressing employee outside activities and interests. At UTPA these policies are:

  • HOP 4.13.1 – This is a new policy for all employees.
  • HOP 4.1.3 – This is a pre-existing policy for employees engaged in research.

Use the Portal to make required disclosures for calendar 2013. This is an existing requirement under HOP 4.1.3 for individuals engaged in research. HOP 4.13.1 now extends it, with some differences, to a broader range of employees. The Portal will accept both kinds of disclosures. The Outside Activity/Interest Policy Q&A explains who needs to make these disclosures and what needs to be disclosed in the Portal. The due date for finalizing calendar 2013 disclosures is March 15, 2014.

You will have to consider whether some activities and interests “reasonably appear” to create a conflict of interest or conflict of commitment. If you are engaged in research, you should consider whether the activity or interest “is reasonably related to” your responsibilities at UTPA. Doubt on these points is to be resolved in favor of disclosure.

In addition to disclosure functions, the Portal has functions to process approvals for outside employment and outside board service. We will use the prior approval functions of the new Portal on a going forward basis only. Any outside employment and outside board service approved on the paper forms for 2013-2014 do not need to be reapproved in the Portal. The paper forms should no longer be used beginning February 28, 2014.

Please note the following:

  1. The Portal times out after 10 minutes of inactivity, so save your work frequently to avoid frustrations when interrupted.
  2. All supervisors should log into, then out of the system. This will set you up to be able to receive online approval requests from members in your department.
  3. The Portal may be unavailable around 8-10 in the evenings. This is the time UT System has reserved for updates to the program.
  4. The Tool Tips are based on screens for employees not engaged in research. The screens for researchers are similar, but not the identical.