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Welcome to UTPA's Outside Activity Online Portal

The Portal is not yet ready for UTRGV activity for 2015-2016. We will notify the campus when it is ready.

Plain Language Policy Q&A Step by Step Instructions

For help in navigating the Portal contact Esperanza Rocha at extension 2653 or email at

By March 30, 2015 we are targeting completion of disclosures for calendar year 2014.

The Step by Step Instructions tell you how to do each step in the process:

  • Update your acknowledgement of the policies (good for everyone, required for researchers)
  • Review the records that the Portal created from your requests for approval to date
  • Create disclosures to address additional required categories of outside interest
  • Update them with any necessary corrections or additional information
  • Finalize for 2014 when all is complete.

See the Plain Language Policy Q&A for:

  1. Who needs to make disclosures
  2. What needs to be disclosed
  3. Quick Reference Tables These table summarize the respective requirements for researchers and others

Please note the following:

  1. Timeout:  The Portal times out after 10 minutes of inactivity, so save your work frequently.
    The Portal may be unavailable around 8-10 pm. This is the time UT System has reserved for updates to the program.
  2. Why a calendar year basis:  Finalizing annual disclosures on a calendar year basis allow those employees required to report compensation for the year to use 1099s and other income tax information to determine these amounts.  Calendar year reporting also complies with regulations governing certain federal grants.
  3. I obtained approval for my outside activities in the fall.  Why do I have to do additional reporting now:  Approvals for outside activity are processed before the fact, often before all details are known.  Disclosures for a calendar year after the year is over:
    • Provide historical reporting of what actually happened, in greater detail in some cases
    • Address a broader list of categories, including substantial interests in a business, gifts, intellectual property, and sponsored travel - in addition to outside employment and board service. 
    • In certain cases the outside interests of immediate family members must be disclosed.