Office of Audits, Compliance and Consulting Services
Division of the President

Welcome to the Office of Audits, Compliance and Consulting Services

The Office of Audits, Compliance and Consulting Services (ACCS), under the Division of the President, consists of three distinct but related disciplines.

Audits & Consulting Services

Audits and Consulting Services The Office of Audits and Consulting Services is responsible for providing the President of the University with information about the adequacy and effectiveness of the institution's system of internal administrative and accounting controls and the quality of operating performance in comparison with established standards.

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Compliance Support Services

Compliance Support Services The Compliance Office supports University departments, managers and members of the campus community in their day-to-day participation in the Institutional Compliance Program.

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Ethics Program

Ethics Program The Ethics Program was established to assist all employees in maintaining high ethical standards and fulfilling their obligations to the public as good stewards of its resources.

The program includes UTPA’s processes for faculty and staff members to identify potential conflicts of interest and commitment, so that they are managed appropriately.

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We are a service organization designed to add value to the University by optimizing institutional effectiveness and efficiency consistent with high quality organizational standards while ensuring that it operates in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies in support of UT Pan American’s mission.