Hudson R. DeYoe

Hudson R. DeYoe
Professor and Director of the Center for Subtropical Studies
Department of Biology
College of Science and Mathematics
Office Phone: (956) 665-3538
Cell Phone: (956) 494-7603


  • Local water issues especially those related to water quality.
  • Ecology of seagrasses in the Laguna Madre.
  • More than 12 years of experience studying the Rio Grande.
  • Other areas of expertise include red tides, eutrophication, marine invasive species.
  • Research interests include: aquatic ecology, marine conservation and biology, seagrass-algal communities, human impacts on water quality.

Curriculum Vitae site:


    Hudson DeYoe earned his Ph.D. in biology from Bowling Green State University in 1991. He is Professor and Director of the Center for Subtropical Studies at The University of Texas-Pan American. His current research focuses on how human activities affect the coastal waters of the United States. Dr. DeYoe is interested in finding solutions to reduce or avoid impacts to South Texas coastal waters and ecosystems.

Research topics from last 10 years:

  • Long-term changes in water quality of the Lower Rio Grande (on-going)
  • Effects of the Arroyo Colorado on primary producers of the Laguna Madre (on-going)
  • Ecology and conservation of seagrasses in the Laguna Madre (on-going)
  • Stress physiology of seagrasses (on-going)
  • Restoration of the Bahia Grande ecosystem
  • Effects of sewage treatment plant effluent on the seagrass epiphyte community
  • Causes of the persistence of the Texas brown tide
  • Quantification of the importance of wind tidal flat cyanobacterial mats

Recent publications:

  • DeYoe, H.R., J.L. Kowalski. In review. Range extension of the macroalgae Anadyomene stellata and possible re-introduction of Caulerpa sertularioides into the Lower Laguna Madre, Texas. The Southwestern Naturalist.
  • DeYoe, H.R., J. L. Kowalski, C. P. Krull, and T. C. Allison. In review. Seasonal production and biomass of the seagrass Syringodium filiforme Kützing in a subtropical lagoon. Estuaries and Coasts.
  • Kowalski, J.L., H. R. DeYoe, and T. C. Allison. In review. Sexual reproduction in the subtropical seagrass Halodule wrightii Aschers. (Shoal Grass), Lower Laguna Madre, Texas (USA). Texas Journal of Science.
  • Palmer, T.A., P.A. Montagna, J.B. Pollack, R.D. Kalke and H.R. DeYoe. 2011. The role of freshwater inflow in lagoons, rivers, and bays. Hydrobiologia 667:49-67.
  • Kowalski, J.L., H.R. DeYoe, C.P. Krull and T.C Allison. 2009. Comparison of leaf-clipping and leaf piercing techniques as applied to the seagrass Syringodium filiforme (Kutz.). Bulletin of Marine Science 85(2&3): 212-226.
  • Kowalski, J.L., H.R. DeYoe and T.C. Allison. 2009. Seasonal Production and Biomass of the Seagrass, Halodule wrightii Aschers. (Shoal Grass), in a Subtropical Texas Lagoon. Estuaries and Coasts 32(3): 467-483.
  • Kowalski, J.L., D.L. Hockaday, G. H. Boza and H.R. DeYoe. 2007. Re-discovery of the tropical green macroalga, Penicillus capitatus Lamarck (Chlorophyta: Bryopsidales), in Lower Laguna Madre, Texas. Texas Journal of Science. v. 59(4): 305-10.
  • DeYoe, H.R., E. Buskey, F. Jochem. 2007. Physiological Responses of Aureoumbra lagunensis and Synechococcus sp. to Nitrogen Addition in a Mesocosm Experiment. Harmful Algae. v.6(1): 48-55.
  • Mausel, P.W., R. Jensen, N. Dias, C. Yang, J. Everitt, R. Fletcher, D. Hockaday, H.R. DeYoe. 2005. Preliminary Spectral Assessment of Laguna Madre Water Features Using AISA+Hyperspectral Data.
  • Proceedings of 20th Biennial Workshop on Aerial Photography, Videography and High Resolution Digital Imagery for Resource Assessment.

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