Studio 1201


Welcome to our design house or our funhouse as we like to think of it, Studio Twelve01 at The University of Texas-Pan American. We are the place where big ideas are developed and our imaginations run wild.

With a crew of imaginative mavericks who push the boundaries on creativity and style, Studio Twelve01 is on a quest to help UTPA connect the dots and help its departments, programs and people meet their goals and reach their target audiences. We are the creative mojo side of UTPA and your source for marketing and communication strategies and materials, publications, graphic and web design, and social media outreach.

On a daily basis you can find our posse of graphic maestros, web and social media gurus, wordsmiths, and forward thinkers and marketers in our new modern thinking space – the Van Week Building – where all the magic happens. You’d be surprised to learn that our imagination facility, which we have dubbed “the shack” was once a restaurant; but don’t expect fries with your ad. Do, however, expect great service from our team who is ready to help you discover your purpose and translate your vision.


Dr. Kimberly Selber

Associate Vice President for University
Marketing and Communications
(956) 665-8918

Sally Mendiola

Assistant Director for
Marketing and Communications
(956) 665-8921

Ofie Jimenez

Administrative Associate
(956) 665-8918

Account Services

Elisa Flores

Account Services Manager
(956) 665-7449

Cassandra Gonzalez

Account Executive
(956) 665-7449

Anna Karen Garcia

Account Executive
(956) 665-7449

Creative Services

Roberto Castro

Studio Manager/Senior Designer
(956) 665-8920

Danny Cardenas

Assistant Art Director
(956) 665-8923

Santa Hernandez

Assistant Art Director
(956) 665-5222

Abby Chavarrilla

Program Coordinator and Media Planning
(956) 665-7996

Editorial Services

Melissa Vasquez

Publications Editor
(956) 665-8926

Public Affairs

Gail Fagan

Public Affairs Representative
(956) 665-7995

Jennifer L. Berghom

Public Affairs Representative
(956) 665-7192

Josue Esparza

(956) 665-2741

Project Deadlines

  • For Spring Projects:
    Requests Due Dec. 1st
  • For Summer Projects:
    Requests Due March 1st
  • For Fall Projects:
    Requests Due June 1st

Requests received after deadlines may not be completed by the Project deadline.

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