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The Process

From start to finish, Studio Twelve01 strives to make your project run smoothly and efficiently. We’re available to consult with you before your project begins and answer your questions along the way. Jobs vary in scope, detail and time to completion. The steps below will guide you through the process.

1. Get your request in the queue.

It takes time to be creative so your help in notifying us of any events that occur during the year is helpful so we can plan accordingly. To get your project rolling you must first submit a new job request to Studio Twelve01. Please complete our online form.

For questions on how to submit your content, email us at TWELVE01REVIEW@UTPA.EDU or x8918.


  • Tell us about your project. Describe in detail what you would like accomplished. (i.e., promotion of an event, recruitment for a program, etc.) If you’re not sure about what you need exactly, we’re here to help you create the plan.
  • Tell us who your audience is. Who ideally will be reading/hearing about your project?
  • Send us what you’ve got. Be sure to include any text or images when you request your project. If you have examples of pieces you really like, send those, too. It is very helpful to the team to fully understand your project. Send us your ideas. We would love to hear them. However, please note Studio Twelve01 may or may not be able to use these ideas based on University brand standards.
  • Share your timeline. When do you need your pieces? This is really important as your timeline may affect print time and therefore your budget.
  • Tell us about your budget. This information will help guide the project. What oracle project number will be used for production of your pieces?
  • Tell us who you are. Your contact information. Don’t forget to include your telephone and e-mail.
  • Final approval is necessary. Who is the final approver of this project? Will they have to be looped in on all project details?


Once we receive your request, we will enter it into the project queue. A Studio Twelve01 Account Executive will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your project in detail.

2. Meeting of the minds.

Depending on the size and scope of your project we may need to visit a bit more. This may involve your Account Executive, Copy Writer and/or Designer. We’re here to guide you through the process and together we will plan the best ways to accomplish the goals of your project. Rest assured our team is ready to help in any way we can.

3. What’s your budget?

Studio Twelve01 serves the UTPA community. We are here to help you design and produce the pieces you need for your project. We can help in acquiring price quotes for media to include print, radio and television. Price estimates are based on job specifications. For print projects, we’ll collect bids from the UTPA Print Shop and outside vendors if needed, to find the most affordable price. We work hard to get you the best value for your dollar. Once your vendor is selected we ask that you take steps to complete the necessary forms for your purchase e.g. Print Shop forms and/or iShop steps for purchase orders to outside vendors.

Once you select the appropriate vendor, let us know. We will make sure your approved design file, radio script, television commercial gets to the right place.

*UTPA Print Services reserves the right to print your project for you. A waiver from Print Services must be acquired before sending design files to an outside vendor.

4. Let the creativity flow.

You name it and Studio Twelve01 has done it—invitations, posters, postcards, banners, web banners, billboards, media buying, marketing research, branding, and even pom-poms, bus wraps and much more. We’ll make it happen.

Once the total scope of your project has been determined, you’ll meet with a team made up of an art director, designer and a writer to discuss the creative direction of your project. We’ll come prepared with two to three different idea concepts and together we will decide what will work best to meet the goals of your project.

All ideas must go through an approval process involving our Creative Director. Once a concept is approved we will move into the production phase of the project. We will check in with you at each phase of the project to make sure we are on the right track.

5. Review and approve.

Concept Approval…Design Approval…Go To Print oh my! At each stage of your project, you will be asked to review and approve before moving to the next phase.

This assures that we are all on the same page at all stages of your project.

6. The final step.

Once you give the “Go to Print” approval, we will send your design file to the selected vendor and your project will go to press.

You take it over from here! Printers will generate a final proof of your project- this also needs your approval and most likely your signature. This is a very important step. Any changes at this point may result in an additional charge from the printer and/or a delay in the delivery date. When your project is ready, it will be delivered directly to you.


Contact Studio Twelve01 to start your new project!

Call: (956) 665-8918



Project Deadlines

  • For Spring Projects:
    Requests Due Dec. 1st
  • For Summer Projects:
    Requests Due March 1st
  • For Fall Projects:
    Requests Due June 1st

Requests received after deadlines may not be completed by the Project deadline.

The Process
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