The Office of Public Affairs is proud to present the following publications, allowing the community to stay informed of current events at the University of Texas-Pan American.


UTPA NewsThe University of Texas-Pan American is an important educational, cultural and community service hub for the Rio Grande Valley. As such, it is the responsibility of the Office of Public Affairs to increase public awareness of the University’s many academic programs, research initiatives, student and faculty achievements and major events, both internally and externally. This is achieved by building positive, mutually beneficial relationships with news media outlets throughout the region, state and nation.

Los Arcos

Featured IssueLOS ARCOS Magazine is published twice a year for alumni & friends of the The University of Texas-Pan American by the Office of University Relations.

Mano A Mano Newsletter

Mano a Mano NewsletterMano -A- Mano Newsletter Summary will appear here shortly.

Alumni Newsletter

UTPA Alumni NewsletterThe UTPA Alumni Newsletter enables graduates to keep in touch with current UTPA activities and UTPA graduates.

Profiles in Excellence

Profiles In ExcellenceEvery week the University of Texas-Pan American finds the best and brightest student and commends them for their hard work and diligence towards their education. The student of the week provides a brief summary of their educational background but also advice for their fellow peers.