The Academics Performing Arts Center

Recital Hall

A Message from the Arts and Humanities Dean

Dahlia Guerra
Dr. Dahlia Guerra.

Dear Friends,

The University of Texas-Pan American has recently started construction of the new Academic and Performing Arts Center. It is scheduled to open in Fall 2014 but is still missing the much needed recital hall. The recital hall is not only a vital piece of our project, but also of our teaching, learning, and artistic experience at the university.

The Academic and Performing Arts Center is destined to become the hub and heart of the arts in South Texas. Our goal is to offer dance, music, and a variety of fine arts to our community. For this reason we want to offer our performers the finest facilities and tools to sharpen their talent and creativity. Being able to rehearse in a recital hall is a sine qua non step in artists’ preparation and students’ training. It is also crucial to host classes requiring excellent acoustic systems and performances for local schools.

We, at UTPA, have made it our priority to raise $4 million through private funding to give our community the best of the arts. The only way we can build our recital hall is with your support. It is, however, important to collect the needed funds before the construction of the main site ends in order to minimize expenses and make the best use of time and funding.

We count on you to help us offer the best education possible to our students and make their dreams come true. Give Now.

Sincerely,Dr. Dahlia Guerra

Proposed Recital Hall

The recital hall is a vital part for the future of the students, the faculty members, and the arts at UTPA. It will not only meet the University’s current needs, but also allow the Department of Music to retain its accreditation and help increase its student enrollment. As importantly, the recital hall will provide the needed practice and rehearsal space vital for students’ success.

The proposed facility will provide a suitable rehearsal room with a capacity to seat 180 persons. The cost for construction is $4 million and entirely depends on private donations. Costs include construction, lighting, audio/video support systems, furniture, and landscaping.

It is our hope that through the generous donations of our patrons, UTPA will be able to include the recital hall in the new Academic and Performing Arts Center when it opens in the Fall 2014.

There are numerous ways to support the Academic and Performing Arts Center through gifts and naming opportunities, both large and small. Click here to learn more about how you can support the new Academic and Performing Arts Center at UTPA.