UTPA student registering for classes with ASSIST.On-Line Registration through ASSIST

Registration is available online through ASSIST (Advanced Services for Student Information Supported by Technology).


ASSIST provides a variety of online services to UTPA students regarding registration, financial aid, payment, and grades. For your security, ASSIST requires that you enter your username and password to access your financial aid, payment and transcript records. Registration is available to currently enrolled students and applicants who have been accepted for admission to UTPA.

Clear All Holds

Students with admission, disciplinary, financial or TSI holds will not be permitted to register until the hold has been cleared.

Late Registration Fee

A schedule change period is scheduled prior to the beginning of each semester. Students who register during the designated late registration period will be assessed additional late fees..


If a student chooses not to attend a class or classes, he or she is responsible for officially dropping or withdrawing through the Office of Registrar. (See the sections on Withdrawal from the University and on Dropping a Course in the Undergraduate or Graduate catalog.) Students who decide not to attend and do not officially notify the Office of Registrar will be responsible for tuition, fees and any other circumstances resulting from failure to officially drop or withdraw. Students must not assume that they will “automatically” be dropped from their classes if they do not attend or do not pay. (If a student has requested some form of financial assistance, payment may have been posted to his or her account.) Refer to the published Schedule of Classes for refund schedules.

Additional Information

Students who register for classes, decide not to attend and do not withdraw through ASSIST or the Office of the Registrar before Jan. 16 will be responsible for tuition and fees as designated by the withdrawal policy regardless of amount paid or not paid for classes.

Students must officially register through the proper registration procedure to be eligible to receive credit for a course. Students will not be added to the official class rolls or grade sheets after the registration periods have ended. Per The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules and Regulations, students may not enroll in a course after the official census date (Ch. 9, Subchapter B, Sec. 9.31a).