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GPA Calculator

There are two variations of the GPA calculator: Graduation and Term. Please note the calculator is for information only and should not be considered the official GPA.

 Graduation Calculator: Used to estimate your potential graduation GPA by using the current GPA, the semester hours remaining, those required and the desired GPA. The current GPA is automatically entered.

  • Enter the number of semester hours you still need to complete
  • Enter the GPA you would like to earn upon graduation
  • Click calculate
  • The system will advise you whether or not the desired GPA is achievable and what is necessary in order to make that happen.

Term Calculator: Used to view how potential grades in the current courses will affect the overall GPA. The system will automatically display your current courses and credit hours associated with each. This calculator could be especially helpful for scholarship students attempting to figure out what grades they need to earn in order to maintain their scholarship.

  • Click Term Calculator
  • Select a grade for each course
  • Click calculate
  • A projected GPA will be displayed along with total number of hours earned.


Advice Calculator is similar to the Graduation Calculator