Register for Classes

Instructions to Register

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD
  3. Locate section "MY APPLICATIONS"
  4. Click on ASSIST
  6. Click on REGISTRATION
  7. Click on ADD or DROP CLASSES
  8. Select desired term in drop down menu
  9. Click CLASS SEARCH located at the bottom.

Choose the subject you are interested in, then click course search. Locate correct course number, and then click view sections. This will open up all course sections divided by DAYS, TIME and PROFESSOR. After you have chosen the class you would like to enroll, check off the box to the left of the class. Scroll down and click Register.

Waitlisting Classes

If a section is closed, you have the option to place yourself on the wait list for that section. If a seat becomes available, the first student on the waitlist will be sent a notice to his/her BroncMail address. When you get to the top of the wait list you will only have 24 hours to register from the time the email is sent. If you don’t respond within those 24 hours, you will be dropped from the waitlist and the seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist.

Being on a waitlist does not guarantee enrollment in a course; therefore, we recommend that you register in an alternate course in the event the waitlisted course does not open.

How to wait list for a class

Term Last Day to Waitlist Last Day to Register/Add
Miniterm May 14 May 15
Summer I June 8 June 9
Summer II July 15 July 16
Summer III June 8 June 9

Maximum Courseload

In order to comply with Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board regulations, which went into effect in Summer 2006, the following enrollment limits will be enforced for students.

Term Maximum Courseload
Miniterm 3 hours
Summer 6 hours each summer session

(7 hours if a class is taken with a lab)

(maximum 9 hours with dean's approval)
Fall/Spring 18 hours each term for undergraduate

(maximum 21 hours with dean's approval)

15 hours each term for graduate

(maximum 18 hours with dean's approval)

Approval for overload may be granted by deans and associate deans only. Enrollments will be monitored to ensure that students do not exceed permitted enrollment limits and students will be dropped from excessive hours.

How To Read Your Schedule

Course Numbering

Courses are numbered to show both the level at which they are offered and the semester hour value of the course. The first digit represents the level, and the second digit represents the credit hours.


ENG 1301 is a freshman course
ENG 1302 is a three-credit course

1000-numbered courses Freshman Level
2000-numbered courses Sophomore Level
3000-numbered courses Junior Level
4000-numbered courses Senior Level
5-9000-numbered courses Graduate/Doctoral Level

Students must be accepted into the master’s program to enroll in 5000-7000-numbered courses and accepted to a doctoral program to enroll in 8000-9000-numbered courses.

Class Day Codes

M Monday only MWF Monday, Wednesday and Friday
T Tuesday only TR Tuesday and Thursday
W Wednesday only MW Monday and Wednesday
R Thursday only MTWRF Monday through Friday
F Friday only MTWR Monday through Thursday
S Saturday only TBA To be announced

Building Codes

ACSB Academic Services MAGC Mathematics & General Classrooms
ARHU Art & Humanities PACB Performing Arts Complex B
BUSA Business Administration PHYS Physical Science
EDUC Education Complex Classroom RAHC Regional Academic Health Center
ENGR Engineering CRMF Rio Grande Center for Manufacturing
HPE1 Health & Physical Education I
SBSC Social & Behavioral Sciences
HPE2 Health & Physical Education II SCNE Science
HSHE Health Sciences & Human Services East STAC Student Academic Center
HSHW Health Sciences & Human Services West
Health Sciences & Human Services
North Auditorium
SWOT Social Work & Occupational Therapy
    WRSC Wellness & Recreational Sports Complex

Off-Campus Location Codes

COSL Coastal Studies Lab
MCAL McAllen Teaching Site
SCULC Starr County Rio Grande City
VABL Visual Arts Building

Dropping Classes

Drop Procedure

Each student bears the responsibility for dropping classes or withdrawing from the University. Neither non-attendance nor non-payment represents sufficient notice of intent to drop a course. Students must drop courses via ASSIST during the registration period or in person at the Office of the Registrar, SSBL 1.150.

Six-Course Drop Limit Policy

As approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Chapter 4, Subchapter A, 4.10 beginning Fall 2007 and applying to students who enroll in higher education for the first time during the Fall 2007 academic term or any term thereafter, an institution of higher education may not permit an undergraduate student a total of more than six dropped courses, including any course a transfer student has dropped at another community college, college or university in Texas.

  • The six drops apply only to courses dropped after the census date for the semester.
  • Drops in developmental/remedial courses do not count toward the six drops.
  • Withdrawal (drop all courses) for a semester will not count toward the six drops.

For complete details of this policy, please contact your advisor.

University of Texas Online Consortium (UTOC)

The UT Online Consortium (UTOC) is your gateway to many of the graduate and undergraduate online degree programs and courses from University of Texas System institutions. Offerings include collaborative degree programs among multiple UT campuses, single-campus degree programs, and a wide array of graduate and undergraduate courses open for registration by students enrolled at any UT institution. These programs provide quality education from tenured faculty with the convenience and flexibility you need to achieve your goals. Visit to take the first step toward a brighter future.

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  Jesse Pierce Financial Aid Coordinator (956) 665-3195
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