Wellness and Recreational Sports Complex


Intramural Sports Policies and Rules

Find all the Policies and Procedures dealing with all Intramural Events by reading through the Policies and Procedures Manual. Below are some of the most used policies you will encounter when competing. All event rules are listed to the right. Open any to find the sport specific rules for that event.

Policies and Procedures Manual

Most Frequently Addressed Policies

  • A UTPA issued ID is required (either Student ID or WRSC ID) to compete in all events
  • All participants must be current members of the WRSC (Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff, or Spouse) and be at least 18 years old to compete
  • Good sportsmanship is expected and required of ALL participants (players, coaches, spectators)
  • No one is permitted to:
    • Use foul language, threaten, or abuse any participant, employee, or spectator
    • Argue with officials
    • Mistreat facilities or equipment
    • Intentionally assault, whether verbally or physically, any participant or staff member
  • Anyone ejected from a contest must meet with the Intramural Coordinator as soon as possible
  • No alcohol or tobacco products of any kind are permitted anywhere on WRSC property, especially at Intramural events
  • No pets are allowed anywhere on WRSC property, especially at Intramural events

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