Wellness and Recreational Sports Complex


Intramurals Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Who can participate in Intramural Sports?
A: Anyone who is an active student or anyone with a current membership who is 18 years of age or older is eligible to participate in Intramural Sports.

Q: How and where do I register a new team, join a team, or join as a free agent?
A: Registering is a snap! All our registrations are now done online through IM Leagues. You can access our school page by going to the IM Leagues section of this site, or by logging on to Once there you have to create an account by following the onscreen instructions. Once you have created an account you will find 3 orange buttons at the top right of any page. Just follow the link that best fits your choice, complete the information and you are done!

Q: Is registering easy if I am not a student?
A: While registering as a WRSC member and not a student is a bit tougher, it is still a breeze. You may want to register a bit ahead of time because you have to submit your WRSC ID number through the site for approval. When you are creating your entry or joining a team, just use your WRSC ID number and when it does not go through, simply hit the red wording that says “Send Request?” Once you have been approved you are good to go!

Q: Can I bring my family to watch me play?
A: Family and friends are welcome to come and watch an intramural sport. Outdoor spectatators must adhere to our field policies, anyone is welcome! Indoor spectators must adhere to our facility policies.  Spectators must sign in as guests and receive wristbands to designate them as non-members.  Spectators under the age of 18 must follow our children's policy for our facility.

Children ages 4 to 17 are welcome into the facility with adult supervision during family hours. Family hours are Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 8am - 8pm, and Sunday 12-7pm.


Q: Do I need to know a bunch of people to make a team?
A: No! We have many individual and dual events such as racquetball and tennis. On top of that, we also allow you to register as a Free Agent for ANY event. This allows you to register for what sports, leagues, and divisions you want to play in, describe yourself, and give captains and team the opportunity to add you to their roster. If we get enough, whenever possible we will also create teams made up of all free agents, giving you all a chance to meet new people for future events!