Wellness and Recreational Sports Complex


Welcome to the WRSC Personal Training Program

At the WRSC we are extremely excited that you have taken the first step into achieving a healthier lifestyle. We are eager to assist and share with you key milestones in accomplishing your fitness goals.  Each session is one hour in length and must be completed within one year from the date of purchase. With the purchase of a personal training package of 3 sessions or more you will receive a FREE comprehensive fitness evaluation at the start of your training program. If you purchase 10 sessions you will also receive a FREE fitness evaluation at the beginning and completion of your program.  

Personal Training

Benefits of Personal Training

One-on-One individualized attention
Creative workouts designed specifically to meet your fitness goals
-More effective workout sessions
-Increased cardiovascular fitness
-Improved muscular endurance, strength, power
-Enhanced athletic performance
-Perfected balance
-Increased self-esteem
-Overall improved health

Training Rates

1 Session = $30.00
3 Sessions = $65.00
5 Sessions = $95.00
10 Sessions = $180.00
1 Session = $35.00
3 Sessions = $85.00
5 Sessions = $115.00
10 Sessions = $210.00

1 Session = $45.00
3 Sessions = $115.00
5 Sessions = $165.00
10 Sessions = $290.00


To register for personal training services you must visit the Member Services Desk at the WRSC, There you can look through our certified personal trainers’ profiles which include their weekly availability, certifying organization, experience, and bio.

At the time of registration you will be asked to complete and submit the following:

*To ensure the exercise safety of our clients the WRSC requires clients to obtain physical clearance to exercise if he/she checks "yes" to any questions on the PAR-Q.  Additionally, physical clearnance may also be necessary if the client indicates that more than one risk factor for coronary heart disease pertains to him/her as defined by the American College of Sports Medicine. 

When you come to submit your forms please be sure to bring your planner, organizer, or PDA to schedule appointments.