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2014 UCA Summer Camps


UCA Staff
Welcome to UCA Cheer Camps at the University of Texas-Pan American, it is all right here! We are proud to admit that you do not have to travel far when a high quality cheer camp is offered so close to home. The University of Texas-Pan American provides great training facilities, residence and dining halls. The Universal Cheerleaders Association has been offering cheer camps across the country and around the world for forty years. 
Attend a UCA Cheer Camp this summer where you will build, bond, and grow as a team. Prepare for the season and achieve your team’s highest potential using the skills instilled at camp. This year’s camp curriculum includes:
  • All New Stunt Curriculum- Creative, visual transitions designed for all levels. All stunts taught follow AACCA and NFHS rules. UCA uses progressions so teams will leave with the technique to continue improving once
  • Dance Class- Dance to a different beat this season with new hip-hop routines and drum cadence choreography to incorporate with your brand!
  • Private Coaching- Improve skills with one-on-one attention from our talented staff. We develop and personalize a sideline, cheer and Xtreme Routine based on you squad's skill level so success is within
  • Xtreme Routine- Add explosive stunts, jumps, or tumbling to the last five 8-counts of a camp routine. A UCA instructor will help adapt it to your squad's strengths to create a routine
  • Big Brothers/Sisters and Team UCA- Our personalized mentoring program enables each of our staff to "adopt" a squad for closer attention. Then, using Team UCA bonding exercises, we unite them into a strong, cohesive team.
  • All New Homecoming Themed Rally- Celebrate 40 years of UCA and dress up for the Homecoming Pep Rally! Together, we¹ll bring home the spirit every day of camp leaving you with great ideas to create your own rally while
  • UCA All-American Program- Qualify at camp to participate in international travel and one of four holiday parades.
  • Leadership Training- New and improved! Seniors and Captains learn strong leadership and role model skills for life!
  • Jump Class- UCA teaches a variety of jump types as well as conditioning and stretching exercises to strengthen legs and improve flexibility.


        We are excited to inform you that we are already preparing for summer 2014, and we are adding a third camp this year. The list of camp dates are as follows:
PanAm 1: June 9- 12, 2014
PanAm 2: July 21-24, 2014
PanAm 3: July 28-31, 2014
Below are the forms that you must bring with you to registration.
Summer camp registration forms:

UCA Staff