Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some common questions that students ask when they call or visit Student Health Services which we thought would help to introduce you to our clinic. If there are any questions that were not addressed on our website, please call us at (956) 665-2511.

1. Can I come to the clinic if I am not enrolled as a student?
We have a policy that allows certain students who are eligible to be seen in our clinic during off semesters. Our goal at the clinic is to provide the highest quality of medical care which includes continuity of care. If you are not eligible to be seen, we will refer you to an outside clinic for care.
2. Do you accept outside insurance at the clinic?
No, but we will refer you to an outside clinic that does accept your insurance if the care you need exceeds our charges. We do not charge for office visits, only lab, medications and certain diagnostic and treatment procedures (at cost). Many times, we are less expensive due to your insurance's co-pay or deductible.
3. How can I get insurance through the University of Texas Pan American?
The University of Texas System has made a health plan available to all students through Academic Health Plans. For a complete list of all the benefits, exclusions, and limitations, please see the current plan year brochure. You can view the current brochure by going to the carrier website.
4. Do you see emergencies?
No, our clinic is not equipped with emergency medical equipment needed for acute coronary or respiratory attacks. We do repair skin lacerations if they are not too extensive or require referral to a plastic surgeon (hand and facial lacerations).  We will triage the patient and call an ambulance to transport a student to the ER if a student does enter our facility needing emergency care. The closest Emergency Room to our campus is Edinburg Regional Medical Center ER at (956) 388-6509.
5. Do you do x-rays?
No, we do not have x-ray equipment on-site; however we will refer you to either a clinic or x-ray facility if one is needed after our medical evaluation.
6. Can my friends and family be treated at the Student Health Services?
Only UTPA students enrolled in the current school session are eligible for treatment by the Student Health Services. Relatives and friends are not eligible for care; however the clinic can direct these to clinics in the community when needed.
7. Do you have any services to help me with the expense of my medication for my chronic illness? (Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Depression)
Yes, we help students who can show proof of eligibility (typically an annual household income of less than $25,000) apply for indigent drug programs under the different pharmaceutical companies. You must report to the clinic periodically for medical check-ups and to pick up the medications.