Under certain well-defined circumstances, other members of the UT Pan-American community may access SHS:

  1. Students who are not registered at UTPA for the current semester but were registered during the previous semester and the SHS mid-level providers have started treatment plan. Example: a student who graduated but who has been started on a new medication and must be monitored for tolerance of medication. Other examples would include: certain post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, English Language Institute (ELI), High School Equivalency Program (HEP), Upward Bound Program (UBS), and certain resident summer programs (Gear Up, Science Camp, Tex-Prep). These students may receive services by paying a $5.00 fee (in lieu of medical service fee) for each visit with a SHS health care provider in addition to any charges that may be incurred for diagnostic tests, supplies, procedure and prescriptions from SHS pharmacy.
  2. Students who have been admitted to the UTPA for a future semester, but are not enrolled ion the current semester. These students may present to UTPA SHS and pay a $5.00 fee (in lieu of the medical service fee) and present their acceptance letter in order to be eligible for SHS services. This fee will be due each time they present to the SHS to be seen by a health care provider. They will be eligible for immunizations, TB skin tests, and pre-admission physicals required either by the university or the program to which they are admitted into. These students like all UTPA students will be responsible for any additional charges incurred from diagnostic, laboratory, procedure, or pharmacy items used to diagnosis or treat their illness or injury.
  3. Cooperative students who are enrolled and have paid medical services fees at another university that have a cooperative agreement with UTPA and are on the UTPA campus for a legitimate academic purposes are eligible to receive UTPA SHS medical services just like a registered UTPA student. The student will have to show proof of being enrolled in a cooperative program with UTPA and the medical service fee to UTPA will be waived.
  4. UTPA faculty and staff are not eligible for routine SHS medical services but may be eligible for certain SHS outreach services. These may include special laboratory screenings and immunizations. The faculty and staff would pay a $5.00 administrative fee and would be responsible for the charges for the laboratory exams and the immunizations.

Exclusion of Services Policy

In keeping with the Student Health Services (SHS) mission to promote optimal physical and psychological health, the SHS is an ambulatory college health care facility. We focus on the delivery of patient care to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for SHS. The SHS staff will identify any students who may require extensive medical care or specialty care that would benefit by obtaining medical services outside of the university clinic.

Exclusion of Services Procedure

The University of Texas Pan American Student Health Services will provide limited treatment or services for those cases that require more extensive or specialty medical care. Those patients who require more extensive or specialty medical care will be identified and referred to a local Emergency Department or to a medical practitioner as the clinical situation warrants. Each case will be handled on a case by case evaluation at the discretion of the medical provider on duty. The SHS Director will be notified of all cases and Medical Director will review medical records of each case.