Food Handling Safety

There are extensive guidelines associated with events that include food. This is due to the need to follow certain food handling steps to assure safe preparation and service of food items. The goal of the UTPA Food Safety program is to ensure that food provided on campus by temporary food vendors are safe for human consumption. The Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) staff is responsible for conducting food safety inspections of the permitted food vendors. Food Safety requirements are applicable to those foods that if handled improperly can result in a food borne illness.

The Office of Student Development with Environmental Health and Safety Services are working together to ensure that student organizations take every precaution to prevent any illness associated with food handling. The Office for Student Involvement offers multiple opportunities throughout the academic year for student organizations to meet the requirement of food handling certification.

All student organizations are required to attend a food handling & safety workshop on an annual basis, if they are planning to sell or giveaway food on campus. Those organizations that attended last year’s workshops have until October 1st to renew. At least three (3) members of each organization must attend. Furthermore, certified members, at least one (1), must remain at the food site through the duration of the food event. If student organizations are not certified in food handling and cited by EHS, they can lose any and all privileges for serving food on campus.

Organizations that do not have certified members are not permitted to sell or give food away on campus.

Faculty of staff that would like to get certified in food handling safety must contact the Environmental Health and Safety Department at (956)665-3690


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