Greek Council

The purpose of the Greek Council will be as follows:

A. The promotion of relationships that are conducive to the general preservation of the fraternity/sorority systems at The University of Texas-Pan American herein referred to as UTPA.

B. The improvement of the fraternity/sorority experience and helping the Greek way of life remain acceptable and relevant to student life as it changes on our campus.

C. To serve as a forum for the consideration of mutual interest to the member organizations.

D. To be of assistance to fraternity/sorority in the accomplishment of its goals and activities when such assistance is considered to be appropriate.

E. To provide programs and activities, both developmental and social, for all member/associate member organizations to help improve their functionality and to provide experiences that encourage cooperation and unity among organizations.

F. To initiate resolutions and recommendations that will further the purposes and ideals of the member/associate member organizations at the UTPA.

G. To solve disputes between Greek organizations and/or sub councils at UTPA.

H. To serve as the governing body among all affiliated Greek organizations/sub councils at UTPA.

I. To recognize all admitted organizations as Greek/student organizations at UTPA.

Multi-cultural Greek Council

The purpose of the Multi-cultural Greek Council shall be to: create and maintain high standards in the life of fraternities and sororities by addressing, coordinating and developing strategic action plans; unify organizations; promote higher education; provide community services; enhance leadership; and serve as a liaison between the Multi-cultural Greek Council, the university student body, and administration, thereby improving the campus climate.

Panhellenic Council

The purpose of the Panhellenic Council is to serve as a presiding board over the Panhellenic sororities here at The University of Texas – Pan American. The Council is made up of officers from all of the sororities. The following offices are filled on a rotating basis of the current NPC sororities: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The remaining offices are filled by interviews and elections.

As a council it is our mission to support the sororities and to encourage Greek unity on UTPA’s campus. Our Panhellenic Community prides itself on its high standards we hold in our Greek women. We encourage academic excellence, service to others, leadership responsibilities, and above all sisterhood.

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