Student Conduct

For Faculty and Staff

Any student who engages in conduct that violates the Regents’ Rules and Regulations, UT-Pan American Handbook of Operating Procedures, specific instructions issued by an administrative official of the University or the UT System acting in the course of his or her authorized duties, violates federal, state, or local laws, or fails to maintain the standard of conduct appropriate for an academic institution, is subject to discipline, whether such conduct takes place on or off campus, or whether civil, or criminal sanctions are also imposed for such conduct.

 The Regents’ Rules and Regulations adopted by the UT System Board of Regents include provisions relating to the standards of conduct expected of students. Students who fail to conform to the established standards of conduct are subject to one or more of the disciplinary sanctions listed in the Regents’ Rules and Regulations or UT-Pan American Handbook of Operating Procedures section 5.5.2 which specifically addresses student conduct issues.

 If you witness or learn of concerning student behavior you can report it directly to the Office of the Dean of Students via BroncsCare Report It. Because you are in daily contact with students, there are times when you may encounter students exhibiting disruptive or distressed behavior. The Office of the Dean of Students can provide assistance in dealing with difficult situations.