Letter From The Dean

Greetings Broncs,

It is my most sincere wish to welcome you to the UTPA familia! We expect that your personal and academic goals can all be met for you here. Your college experiences will help shape you into the scholar and leader you will become as a graduate from UTPA.

As the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students at UTPA, I work with a team of student affairs professionals to ensure that students have a holistic college experience and are successful in meeting in academic and personal goals. We provide services that enrich the student experience through involvement in leadership, service, organizational involvement, residential life, campus engagement, as well as physical and mental wellness. From our little Broncs in the Child Development Center to our fit Broncs who utilize the Wellness and Recreational Sports Complex, we have a multitude of resources available to help you succeed in college.

I offer my three “Gs” for success as my advice for your college journey:

  1. GOALS – Set goals for yourself to provide the roadmap from where you are to where you're going. Important goals for you to decide are your major and how long you want to take to graduate from UTPA. Determine for yourself what type of career you want and what will it take to achieve it. Be deliberate. I challenge you to set these goals and pursue them diligently. The sooner you graduate, the sooner you contribute as an educated citizen to our region, state and nation.
  2. GANAS – “Ganas” means the will to do something you should do. This means getting out of bed to go to your early morning class or it could mean choosing to study rather than going out with friends. It's really your self-determination to accomplish the goals your set for yourself.
  3. GUTS – Take risks! Do things in college you've always wanted to do but were too afraid to do it. Talk to someone you've never met before. Ask your faculty for help when you need guidance or are struggling in their class. Join a club that you're really interested in, but were afraid to take the chance to join before. I swear this has always opened new doors for me that no one had ever shown me were there.

Please look through the Dean of Students website and all of the departments we list for you as resources for your success. We also have provided various policies and rules that we enforce and we advocate for students to become knowledgeable about your rights and responsibilities. If you have a question or a need, please never hesitate to call on us to find the best resolution. We are here to serve students.

With Bronc Pride,
Mari Fuentes-Martin