Vision, Mission, Values

Provide students a holistic college experience that develops their personal identity.

As partners in the education process, the Dean of Students team collaborates across the university to implement dynamic and student-centered programs, practices, services and facilities to maximize student success. We foster an inclusive campus community committed to instill traditions and provide a sense of belonging that inspires Bronc Pride.

Core Values

  • We value service to our community to help improve the quality of life for others.
  • We value exposure to a diversity of cultures, experiences, beliefs and perspectives different from our own.
  • We value integrity by displaying high moral and ethical standards through honesty, trust, respect and demonstrating professionalism in our actions.
  • We value leadership by embracing innovation and creativity, implementing new ideas and collaborating with our peers.
  • We value intellectual freedom and the lifelong pursuit of learning. We value service to our community to help improve the quality of the life for others.
  • We value holistic wellness and personal growth through balance in our physical, social, mental, spiritual and emotional needs.


  1. Engage students in service that transforms our region, state and nation.
  2. Create social and physical environments that promote lifelong wellness.
  3. Empower students to become educated global citizens in an ever changing world.