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Steps for Registering

Here are the steps for requesting accommodations at UT Pan American for a disability.

  1. Upon admission to UT Pan American, please call the DS office to schedule your initial meeting with a member of the DS staff to complete intake. If possible, on scheduled appointment day, please bring with you a copy of the testing, medical records, and/or a letter from a physician or appropriate clinician that indicates your disability. Documentation may be submitted prior to appointment date to the Disability Services office, University Center room 108.
  2. Your documentation will go before the Documentation Review Committee (DRC) where your eligibility for services will be determined. The DRC will determine reasonable accommodations for each student on a case by case basis. A DS staff member will contact you after your documentation has been reviewed. The committee meets every week with the exception of university closures/holidays. Documentation must be handed in to the DS office before 6pm on Thursday to be considered by the DRC that week. Anything received after 6 p.m. will be reviewed the following week. Please allow seven business days for a DS staff member to contact you after your documentation has been reviewed to schedule an appointment if necessary.
  3. Once you have been registered with DS and have met with a member from our department, you must complete the Semester Registration Form, and leave it with the receptionist.
  4. Letters will be generated based on the form and based on those accommodations agreed upon by the DRC. The letter will outline specific instructions for your instructors with the appropriate accommodations. You will be asked by the receptionist to sign and date the "Accommodation Letter Pickup Sheet".
  5. The letters should be personally delivered by you to each of your instructors. It is best to do this during his or her office hours or before class. Accommodations do not become effective until the instructor receives the request by letter. Students deliver their letters personally to preserve confidentiality and to create an opportunity for discussion between the student and the instructor.

Repeat steps 3-5 at the beginning of every semester you are enrolled at UT Pan American.

Contact Info

Student Accessibility Services Edinburg
Room: University Center 108
Phone: (956) 665-7005
Fax: (956) 665-3840

Student Accessibility Services Brownsville
Room: Cortez 129
Phone: (956) 882-7374
Fax: (956) 882-7861

Office Hours

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sat - Sun Closed