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Disability Services Office Alternative Format Services Agreement


The purpose of this document is to notify users of the Disability Services Office (DS) of their rights and responsibilities regarding access to the services provided by DS. Much of the information you will receive through this system is copyrighted by U.S. Law, Article 17 of the United States Code. This law states that copyrighted material may not be copied and/or reprinted in any form without prior written consent from the copyright holder.

As a student requesting Alternative Media Services through Disability Services Office (DS) I understand that it is my responsibility to provide all requested materials to DS. This includes text books, course packets, course syllabi, and any other required printed material.

I understand that all materials will be processed in the order in which they were received by DS. The options for receiving material in alternative format will be based upon the student’s accommodations.

I understand that in order to complete the High Speed Scanning process, books and course packs will be taken apart and scanned, previewed/edited and provided in the preferred format of the student. Depending on the quality of print in the book, the preview/edit time will differ. Since the books are taken apart, there is virtually no resale value. I have the option to provide DS with quality Xeroxed copies of my assignments instead of having bindings removed from my textbooks.

Disability Services Office, in providing accessible materials, cannot produce copies of any material that is copyrighted. At the end of the semester, DS requires the return of all LearningAlly CDs. Students may also pick-up textbooks and other copyrighted material loaned to the DS office, at the end of each semester.

By requesting an alternative format, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. You must currently be enrolled as a student at The University of Texas – Pan American.
  2. You must submit a Semester Registration Form with the Disability Services Office.
  3. You must own a physical copy of the textbook you are requesting in alternative format and have presented DS with a receipt for each book requested.
  4. Book requests for each semester must be submitted after priority registration to ensure services are provided in a timely manner. Alternate formats requested after the start of the semester will be done in order received.
  5. The alternative format material we provide to you, regardless of format, may not be distributed or shared with others.
  6. Copyrighted alternative format texts will only be available during the semester for which you are registered for that class.
  7. You certify there are no fees for alternative format texts.
  8. You have met with a member of the DS staff and have been fully informed of these services.
  9. You understand your signature on this document means you understand the above information and it applies to every semester in which alternative format services are requested.

I have read and understand the policies and procedures regarding alternative formats established by the Disability Services Office. I agree to my responsibilities as a student requesting an Alternative Format through Disability Services Office. If I am unable to fulfill my responsibilities, I should not expect to have my materials provided to me in a timely manner or at all during the semester for which the request has been made.

I have read and understand the policies and procedures regarding alternative formats established by the Disability Services Office.

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