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How Do You Stand Out?

The Office of Career Services is committed to working with you to develop win-win recruiting strategies. We recognize and appreciate that you make a significant investment of both time and money to recruit at UTPA. Therefore, we strive to provide a flexible recruiting process that meets your needs.

Successful recruiting is a result of:

  • Building and maintaining an ongoing partnership with Career Services.
  • Communicating consistently and effectively with targeted groups of students, faculty, and administrators to create and maintain awareness of the company.

To get connected to university recruiting services:

  1. Please register with Career Connection, if you have not done so. Career Connection will allow you to have access to student resumes, post employment vacancies and manage your interview schedule.

Some cost effective recruiting strategies:

  1. Increase awareness by hosting and publicizing an information session/open house at no cost the evening before conducting campus interviews through Career Services. Take advantage of the free publicity assistance provided.
  2. Promote your visits to campus by having Career Services email faculty advisor(s) and/or student leaders(s) of relevant student organizations on your behalf.
  3. Schedule faculty meetings with the various academic disciplines, our office can assist you with these arrangements.
  4. Keep Career Services informed of all on-campus events. Students will ask us, and it helps you if we can give the answer! (Advertising through Career Services reaches actively seeking candidates.)
  5. Recruiting brochures, promotional materials or employment applications can be sent well in advance of the interview date so they may be distributed to students.
  6. Describe the benefits of working for your company and the kind of candidates who excel in your environment.
  7. Connect with student organizations and identify top candidates in your majors of choice. Host a luncheon for student organization leaders.
  8. Partner with our office by scheduling a meeting to review your recruiting strategies, what worked, what didnít, and to develop more effective strategies to accomplish your recruiting goals.

Some ideas to build brand identity on campus:

  1. Attend a career fair such as the Fall Career Expo or our Annual Career Day in the Spring. Staff your career fair display with enthusiastic alumni.
  2. Support Career Services programs and publications by providing feedback and sponsorship.
  3. Sponsor a table at a department’s annual awards banquet and/or co-sponsor a luncheon with an academic department.