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  • Help a current student find his or her own professional direction by representing your particular career field.
  • Help students to explore the world of work!

How Can You Help?

  • By having students reach out to you and ask a few-career- related questions?
  • By providing a student with a referral to someone else in your field?
  • By considering our externship/internship programs.
  • By participating in our Mock Interviews.
  • So much more......
Externship Program:
Externships are very similar to an internship but generally of a very short duration.  A student engages in practice based learning by actively participating in a field of interest. These experiences are not done for academic credit and are unpaid. The externship gives the student a taste of a potential career. The primary goal of this program is to provide students with a structured, hands-on opportunity to experience the “world of work,” without the longer term commitment of an internship or job. Through exposure to a work setting, students can learn more about job requirements, employer expectations, and professionalism.
Internship Program:
Internships are structured, supervised and short-term programs in which undergraduate or graduate students perform tasks and duties within an organization to gain knowledge and experience.  The internship is typically paid at the discretion of the employer at a direct hourly wage. On occasion, if an employer is unable to provide direct wage, they may option to provide a stipend to the student upon the completion of a designated amount of hours. There are many reasons employers consider participating with the Internship Program such as identifying potential future hires, the ability to conduct recruiting activities with low risk, gaining short term talent, providing your organization with fresh ideas, providing students with real work experience, and enhancing your organization’s relationship with the university. The benefits for our students include the opportunity to gain real work experience, build up their resume, develop new skills, create a networking link, experience work with a potential employer, and possibly receive a full-time position from their employer.
To become a Career Contact, please contact us at or (956) 665-2243.