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Individual Career Counseling

Students are encouraged to discuss their choice of major, as well as related career plans, with the counseling staff of Career Services. Appointments for these services are recommended at least 2 - 3 days in advance. Our professional staff is also available to review resumes and cover letters, and offer suggestions for possible improvement.

Information on Majors

More than 40 handouts provide information on each major with regard to related areas of the work world, typical employers, professional associations, and job search strategies. Everything from Health to Communication to Business to Education, we have a helpful array of take-home information for practically every occupational field.

Individuals are encouraged to review the department's Annual Reports  for detailed information regarding career development activity of UTPA students and graduates, salaries and other information.

Career Information Center

Our career library offers a wide range of books, magazines, and brochures addressing all occupational areas. Career books, occupational guides, and directories can be used to clarify and confirm your initial impressions about a career field, and to obtain occupational descriptions. Ten computers are also available for your career planning and job search needs.


Students interested in pursuing an internship or summer job can visit Bronc Career Connection for a list of opportunities in their field of study. In doing so, students can learn more about their upcoming careers and explore their choices. To further discuss their options, students can schedule an appointment with the Office of Career Services.

Academic credit may be awarded at the discretion of the student's academic department. To view current internship postings, register and log on to the Bronc Career Connection.

Part-time Jobs

Students looking for part-time employment either on or off campus can find all of the positions listed by going to the Bronc Career Connection at any time of the year. To find out more information about pursuing a part-time job you can visit the Office of Career Services.