How to Apply - Second Degree Seeking


You are a Second Degree Seeking applicant if you:

  • have earned a Bachelor’s Degree and unlike a Post Baccalaureate applicant, you are seeking to pursue another undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in a different major.


Standard documents

    • If you earned your Bachelor’s Degree from UT-Pan American submit a “Readmit, Undergraduate” application.
    • If you earned your Bachelor’s Degree from another institution submit a “Transfer, Undergraduate” application.


  • Submit a college or university transcript from each institution attended. If you only took coursework at UT-Pan American, no transcript is required.
  • Submit a signed Second Degree Evaluation form.


After you have been accepted to The University of Texas-Pan American there are some steps you need to take before you are able to enroll in classes. 
Activate your Bronc Account Read more
Your Bronc account will allow you to access MyUTPA, our student portal that provides access to diverse campus resources. You will need to do this step in order to register for classes.
Set up your Bronc Email Read more
After activating your Bronc account, you must set up your Bronc Email account. All official university correspondence will be emailed to your Bronc Email.
Submit proof of meningitis vaccination (If Applicable)
In accordance with Texas law, the University of Texas Pan American requires all first-time students, including transfer and returning students under the age of 22 to submit evidence that the student has been vaccinated against bacterial meningitis 10 days prior to the first class day of the semester or to provide other documentation establishing why such a vaccination is not required.  Students will not be allowed to enroll without providing proof of the vaccination or exemption.

All first-time students, including transfer and returning students, must provide one of the following documents to the Office of Admissions: Read more
  • A Bacterial Meningitis Immunization Record" signed by a health practitioner evidencing that the student has been vaccinated against bacterial meningitis or any other official state or local immunization record. Confirmation of the MCV4 (Menactra) vaccine will satisfy as the requirement. The MPSV4 (Menomune) vaccination may not be accepted unless administered or boosted within the past 5 years. Vaccinations must be administered no fewer than 10 days prior to the first day of the semester for which the student is enrolling.
  • A "Refusal of Immunization for Medical Reasons" signed by a physician who is licensed and registered to practice medicine in the United States which states the physician's opinion that the required vaccination would be injurious to the health and well being of the student.
  • A "Texas Department of State Health Services Conscientious Exemption" signed by the student stating that the student has declined the vaccination for reasons of conscience, including religious belief.