Oracle R12 Upgrade Project
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Training Objective

The training objective is to provide the UTPA Community with general and comprehensive training to assist users in the transition from Oracle 11i to Oracle Release 12 (R12).

Training Material Resources

General Trainings and Information

Accounts Control

Accounts Payable

Assets Management

Budget Office


Project and Grants (PA/GMS)

Visit the training portal at for upcoming module specific training sessions and to register.

Stay tuned for future training announcements.

Oracle 24/7 Login

Go-Live Checklist

    PC Requirements


    Internet Explorer 9*

    Internet Explorer 8*

    *32-bit version


    Java 6 Update 33

    Java 6 Update 35

    Java 6 Update 37

    Java 6 Update 39

    Java 6 Update 41

    Java 6 Update 43

    Java 6 Update 45

    PC Requirements Testing

    Oracle R12 PC User Test Instructions

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