Oracle R12 Upgrade Project
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News Briefs

Join us at our Open Forum on April 2, 2013 from 2:00 - 3:30 PM at the Student Union Theater. If you are unable to attend, click here to view the Power Point Presentation.

New Functionality of R12

What's New in R12 Who will be Affected
Users should expect to see a new look and feel of the application. The graphical user interface colors have changed. The front-end is web based Anyone with Oracle login capability
New way for processing budget revisions since Public Sector Budgeting will be de-supported Budget Request Initiators
Report generation tool will be upgraded to a new version (V8) Anyone with report generation capability


PC Requirements Testing

Oracle R12 PC User Test Instructions are available for you to test your login functionality in the R12 Test Environment.

Oracle 24/7 Login

Go-Live Checklist

    PC Requirements


    Internet Explorer 9*

    Internet Explorer 8*

    *32-bit version


    Java 6 Update 33

    Java 6 Update 35

    Java 6 Update 37

    Java 6 Update 39

    Java 6 Update 41

    Java 6 Update 43

    Java 6 Update 45

    PC Requirements Testing

    Oracle R12 PC User Test Instructions

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