Oracle R12 Upgrade Project
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Project Objectives

Following are the objectives of the R12 Upgrade Project:

  • Leverage the University investment to improve and streamline business processes, data management, timely and reliable reporting, reliable and consistent data, and information to strengthen the University’s competitive advantage. This upgrade provides an opportunity to re-evaluate business processes (6 years since original UTPA design)
  • Leverage the new release 12 features to minimize the number of enhancements and customizations. Enhanced ease of use: more user friendly look and feel, personal homepage, web-like features, integrated toolbar
  • Reduce administrative costs by re-evaluating and re-designing polices and processes to take advantage of currently licensed modules and by leveraging the established change management process.
  • Improve services and customer satisfaction by providing the necessary tools, information and training to work efficiently.
  • To meet the de-support of current version by Oracle, November 2013
  • Overall faster performance
  • More and better reporting and on-line querying
  • Easier ability to export data to Excel
  • New software architecture facilitates the integration of web-based software packages (e.g. electronic requisitions, workflow, property tracking, etc.)

Application Owners

  • Esequiel Granado – Financials, Payroll & EiS Timekeeping
  • Juan C. Gonzalez – Public Sector Budgeting & Position Control
  • Daniel Gutierrez – Human Resources, Advanced Benefits & Self Service HR

Module Owners

  • Alex Valdez – Purchasing & iShop
  • Elia Lopez – General Ledger & Project Accounting
  • Juan Mata – Accounts Receivables & Grants Accounting
  • Karla Loya – Accounts Payables & Fixed Assets
  • Laura Silva – Labor Distribution
  • Leticia Lizarraga – Payroll & EiS Timekeeping
  • Sara Gonzalez – Cash Management
  • Frances Rivera – Position Control
  • Richard Wilson – Public Sector Budgeting
  • Linda Helgeson – Human Resources, Advanced Benefits, Self Service HR
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    Internet Explorer 9*

    Internet Explorer 8*

    *32-bit version


    Java 6 Update 33

    Java 6 Update 35

    Java 6 Update 37

    Java 6 Update 39

    Java 6 Update 41

    Java 6 Update 43

    Java 6 Update 45

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