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Advanced Benefits

Description: Oracle Advanced Benefits is a flexible, rules-based benefits application that allow Benefits Office to administer and monitor all employee benefit records. It enables improved benefits support and analysis while reducing overall administration costs.
Email: Benefits@utpa.edu
Phone: (956) 381-2451
Website: http://www.utpa.edu/humanresources/
Reference Documents: N/A

 Fixed Assets (FA)

Description: Oracle Fixed Assets (FA) is an internet based application that maintains all of the University's inventory (real and personal property), and it is also the system used to depreciate capital assets in compliance with GASB. There are several workflows built into the FA module: one that allows users to transfer assets from one location to another or from one project manager to another, and another workflow that allows users to remove and return state property from campus.
Email: Oracle-FA@utpa.edu
Phone: N/A
Website: N/A
Reference Documents: N/A

 General Ledger (GL)

Description: Oracle General Ledger (GL) is an internet based application that maintains all of the University's financial subledger transactions. General Ledger is most often used to review Budgets, Encumbrances, Actuals and Funds Available in detail or in summary format for any Oracle project. GL also provides project managers with a snap shot of any project's financial activity for the period specified.
For General GL Questions: Karina Esparza
For Revenue (Non-Spon Projects Only) Questions/Corrections:

Magda Garcia
(956) 316-7181

For Revenue (Sponsored Projects Only) Questions/Corrections: Grants & Contracts Office
(956) 381-2711
For Budget Questions/Corrections: Esmeralda Rios
(956) 381-2924
For Purchasing Encumbrances Questions/Corrections: Purchasing Office
For Payable Encumbrances Questions/Corrections: Payables Office
For Payroll Encumbrances Questions/Corrections: Labor Distribution
(956) 381-2721
Website: N/A
Reference Documents: Accounting for Your Project In Oracle

 Human Resources (HR)

Description: Oracle Human Resources is an internet-based application that serves as a hub for all UTPA people and employment-related activities, including demographic, education, development, and compensation. It is the core of Oracle HRMS application family that provide basis for HR professionals to manage and adminisiter employees pay.
Email: Oracle-hrrecords@utpa.edu
Phone: (956) 381-2451
Website: http://www.utpa.edu/humanresources/
Reference Documents: N/A


Description: Oracle Payroll, a rules-based payroll management system, is part of Oracle Human Resources Management applications, and integrates with other Human Resources applications, including Human Resources (core), Advanced Benefits, Self-Service HR, Incentive Compensation, and Oracle Labor Distribution as well as Oracle Financials.

The Payroll module automates the pay process by gathering data on employee time and attendance, calculating various deductions and taxes, and generating periodic pay checks and employee tax reports. Data is generally fed from the human resources and time keeping modules to calculate automatic deposit and manual check writing capabilities.
Email: Payroll@utpa.edu
Phone: (956) 381-2558
Website: http://comptroller.utpa.edu/payroll.htm
Reference Documents: Payroll Timecard Support - Remote Assist

 Projects & Grants (PA/GMS)

Description: The PA/GMS module holds the lowest level of detail (expenditure type) for your project expenditures. These expenses include payroll, supplier, and all other costs regardless of the type of project you hold. Reconciliation for expenditures should be conducted from this module.
Projects: Non-sponsored (operating) projects are activities supported by funding sources other than a sponsored award. Examples of funding for non-sponsored projects are state appropriations, tuition, local funds, etc. A non-sponsored project cannot be linked to an award.
Email: Oracle-Projects@utpa.edu
Grants: Sponsored projects are activities funded by external agencies (Federal, State, Local, or Private). Important aspects of the project (i.e., its start and end dates) are determined by the terms of the external agency.
Email: Oracle-Grants@utpa.edu
Phone: (956) 381-2711
Website: http://comptroller.utpa.edu/grants.htm
Reference Documents: N/A

Public Sector Budgeting (PSB)

Description: The Oracle Public Sector Budgeting module allows users to update the budget after it has been approved and posted. Users can submit budget revision requests for approval, and users with the appropriate approving authority can review, approve, or reject the requests.
Email: Oracle-PSB@utpa.edu
Phone: (956) 381-2924
Website: http://portal.utpa.edu/utpa_main/dba_home/budget_home
Reference Documents: PSB Training Manual


Description: Oracle Purchasing is an internet-based application for purchase order processing. Users have the capability to create Purchase, Travel and Service IDT requisitions as well as Purchase Orders. Both requisitions and purchase orders are approved or rejected online by authorized approvers.
Email: Purch@utpa.edu
Phone: (956) 381-2161
Website: http://www.utpa.edu/materialsmgt
Reference Documents: Purchasing Reference Documents

 Self-Service HR

Description: Oracle Self-Service Human Resources (HR) empowers managers and employees to access, update, and manage their employee-specific information online, real-time and in a paperless environmnet via a browser. By doing so, it aims at streamlining business processes, decrease costs, and improve service to allow HR professionals to focus more on true HR functions/offers instead of transaction processing. It integrates seamlessly with other Human Resources applications, including Human Resources, Advanced Benefits, and Payroll.
Email: Oracle-hrrecords@utpa.edu
Phone: (956) 381-2451
Website: http://www.utpa.edu/humanresources/
Reference Documents: N/A



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