The Veterans Service Center is proud to announce that we are fully operational.  Although we have been up and running assisting our veterans with certifications, we are now starting full throttle in advocating for our veterans, implementing research regarding important issues surrounding our vets,  reaching out to faculty to help gain support, and assisting our veterans with any important issues that may arise.  Counseling services will be available specifically for veterans within the upcoming semester.  Again, we are proud to announce our arrival and we look forward to working closely with all departments across the university as well as our great veterans who so proudly served our country.
Key points of focus for Veterans Center:
  • Provide quality assistance to veterans
  • Provide counseling services to any veteran
  • Conducting research to better understand student issues
  • Certify veterans for benefits
  • Advisement for freshmen
  • Conduct seminars/workshops to encourage help-seeking by veterans