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1.  Sitting with a book open in front of you is NOT active learning.  It is so tempting to gently place your head on top of your book and take a restful, short nap.  Active learning activities for reading include writing notecards, preparing reading summary notes (on the book itself) or in a research journal, and preparing cornell notes for future studying.  A great website that facilitates cornell notetaking is Classmint, where you can register and save your notes, but it works best with Chrome or Firefox (sorry, Internet Explorer--the truth hurts). 

2. Studying the night before a test is called cramming, not studying.  Active study techniques include completing a study guide or working in a study group.  If you are just forming a study group, check out our tips on this website.  

3. Finally, writing well takes planning and stages.  It's not enough to write a draft on the way to class without reflection or connection to the many other great things in your life.  Take time to read your prompt carefully and then write a short answer.  By taking a break and revisiting that response, you can add to it and really develop your answer.  For more tips on writing a draft, visit our great University Writing Center in ACSB 2.130.  Get ur study on, UTPA Broncs!

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