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The LAC will reopen on Monday, March 23 at 8:30 a.m.  We suggest you use the long week to get caught up on reading, writing, and reflection.  Examples of active studying activities include  

TASK 1:  Updating your planner to reflect new dates and quizzes. This is also a good time to plan study sessions or group projects.      

TASK 2:  Assess your standing in each class.  If you need to, create an Excel sheet where you record grades thus far, future grades, and any extra credit points you have earned.  What you want is a clear understanding where you stand in a class.  If you are in a writing studies course, assess your portfolio progress.  Are revisions adequate?  Have you spent enough time engaged in peer review?  If not, make a list of writing projects you can revise over spring break.  

TASK 3:  If you are comfortable where you are in your classes, great!  If not, use spring break to write concrete steps you will take after March 23.  These can steps can include tutoring or supplemental instruction  you will schedule.  It should also include meeting with your professor after spring break.  Notice, we said "meeting," not "calling" or "emailing." A one-on-one meeting will give you excellent advise on how to prepare until the end of the semester.  

Questions? Call your LAC Student Support Team at 665-2585.  HAPPY SPRING BREAK, BRONCS.  BE SAFE!