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How to Jumpstart your Fall Semester

1.  Practice time management beginning right now!  Work in the LAC and UWC to begin to map out study plans, organize your notes, and begin taking useful notes.   

2. Categorize the preparation you need for each quiz or weekly exam. If a particular class already seems challenging, you may want to schedule several short, but intense, study sessions.  If the class seems a bit more doable, you may be OK with fewer sessions for a slightly longer time period.  Make sure to reassess your study plan after your first quiz or exam.   

3. Finally, get your resources together.  Does your textbook have quizzes or end-of-chapter questions?  Try a few of those to see how you are responding to the material.  There is still plenty of time to work with tutors and SI leaders as needed.  Get ur study on, UTPA Broncs!

Questions? Call your LAC Student Support Team at 665-2585.