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TIMBER--spring semester is here! While our tutors are getting ready for the semester with some timely training, you can be doing several tasks to get organized and ready to learn. 

TASK 1:  Practice time management beginning right now!  Get an inexpensive academic planner and begin to map out study plans, organize your binders/notebooks, and research a note taking process that you like.  Don't have one?  Check out bullet journaling at     

TASK 2:  Categorize the preparation you need for each quiz or weekly exam. If a particular class already seems challenging on day 1, you may want to schedule several short, but intense, study sessions.  If the class seems a bit more doable, you may be OK with fewer sessions for a slightly longer time period.  Make sure to reassess your study plan after your first two weeks.  You may need to shuffle some times around to make more sense with your class schedule.

TASK 3:  Use the first week of tutoring (January 26-January 30) to schedule in tutoring sessions (i.e. Philosophy tutoring with Gabriel, LEAC 106); note taking sessions (i.e. notecard creation with Joanna, LEAC 106) or writing portfolio time with Amanda (STAC, 3.110).  Guess what, Broncs/future Vaqueros?  You will do it if it's on your planner and you may forget if it's not.  Get ur study on!  

Questions? Call your LAC Student Support Team at 665-2585.