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The LAC will open for summer tutoring and assistance to all students beginning at 9:00 a.m.  We suggest you get off to a great start by following a few student-approved suggestions.   

TASK 1:  If you have not done so, get that syllabus and textbook to start talking to each other.  See what sections or section of the textbook  is emphasized on your syllabus.  That gives you a strong idea of important concepts in class.     

TASK 2:  Create a smartphone task list or a paper planner to record assignments, reading, etc. for the next 5 weeks.   

TASK 3:  Use your planner to help you visualize pockets of time that can be used for studying with peers or working with a tutor or SI leader in the LAC.  If you start studying now, you will not be as overwhelmed toward the end of the semester.  Since classes meet every day, a week will sometimes feel like a month of assignments!   

Questions? Call your LAC Student Support Team at 665-2585.