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Job Opportunities for UTPA Students

The Learning Assistance Center is one of the largest employers of students on campus and uses the the peer tutoring model for student support. Student support areas employ work study and direct wage part-time employees as supplemental instruction (SI) leaders, tutors, and work study office assistants.  To begin applying for jobs at the LAC, you must have an active account with Career Services (see ).

SI leaders and tutors work with students differently.  SI leaders lead weekly study groups in classes they have been successful in. They are often recommended by the professor whose class they are facilitating.  On the other hand, tutors work with students in assigned content areas (writing, science, math, or social sciences) and help students from all instructors, which makes it important that tutors have strong grades and skills in their content areas.

Office assistants help by signing students into BroncTrak, our student software, and helping out the full-time staff in their areas by copying, filing, or doing other assigned work, including some data entry. They may also offer general student support in areas like the Student-Athlete P.O.W.E.R. Center.

To apply for a part-time, hourly position, please create an active career services profile and contact the supervisor of the center. Supervisors will need to see transcripts, resumes, and class schedules before scheduling an interview. At interviews, you may be asked to prepare a writing sample or teach a basic concept in the area you are tutoring. Some of the areas also test candidates for basic knowledge, so candidates interviewing for positions should be prepared.

Once hired, employees are required to train throughout the semester as required by their supervisor. All part-time employees are on a probationary period their first semester.