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Academic Integrity Information

Academic Expectations When Using Supplemental Instruction, Tutorial Centers, and Student-Athlete P.O.W.E.R. Center

Learning Assistance tutors, office assistants, and staff are dedicated to providing co-curricular academic support which will help you become a more successful learner. It is our philosophy that modeling successful learning skills and coaching you as you attempt them will help you become more empowered and resilient.   

At the same time, the LAC staff is discouraged from taking over your work or that of your professor.  Thus, 

  • We cannot teach the material to you; we can help you understand specific points.
  • We cannot write, read, or think for you; we can offer you feedback on some of what you are reading, writing, or thinking.
  • We cannot interpret what was said in the classroom nor can we predict grades. We can offer you some guidance and refer you to your instructor when questions remain after our session.         

Please consult the Academic Integrity page of the Dean of Students’ Website for more information about academic integrity in general.