Financial Aid Graduation Checklist




Financial Aid Graduation Checklist


[  ] Know who you know. Since you have been in school, you may have borrowed different types of loans from different lenders. Check your Financial Aid History under the “Tools and Resources” section of WWW.STUDENTLOANS.GOV


[  ] Know how much you owe and what your payments will be. WWW.STUDENTLOANS.GOV will also give you a balance, but look under the website of each lender to add up what your payments will be.

[  ] Consolidate. You should have less than four lenders to send payments to. If you have more than that, speak to one of your lenders about consolidating your loans.

[  ] Keep your contact info current. After your grace period is over, you will be responsible for making payments to your lender, whether or not you receive a bill. One of your most important tasks after you graduate is letting all of your lenders know where to send the bill.

[  ] Choose a payment option. Depending on the type of loan, you will usually have a choice of payment options to choose from. It is important for you to figure out during the grace period which one will work for you.

[  ] Take the Exit Counseling Session. If you borrowed a Stafford Loan, you will have to take the Exit Counseling Session during your grace period.

[  ] If you can’t pay, make the call. If during your grace period, you find that you cannot afford to make monthly payment towards your student loans, there are options for you. Call your lender immediately, and ask about your eligibility for a Deferment or a Forbearance.

[  ] Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Help is available, but sometimes is not automatic. Contact the UTPA Financial Aid Office if have any questions about your loans. We are here for you even after you graduate or withdraw.




The Project on Student Debt has produced a list of the Top 10 Student Loan Tips for Recent Graduates. The list provides tips to help borrowers minimize the cost of their loans and outlines repayment options to help borrowers avoid default.



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