Student Rights and Responsibilities



As a financial aid applicant/recipient, you have the following responsibilities:


  • Complete all application forms accurately and in a timely manner.  
  • Provide correct information (misreporting information on financial aid forms is a violation of the law and may be considered a criminal offense.)
  • Promptly return all additional documentation, verification, corrections and/or new information requested by the Student Financial Services Office.
  • Inform the Student Financial Services Office of any other financial assistance you are receiving, such as scholarships from sources outside of the University.
  • Use financial aid funds solely for educational purposes.
  • Inform the Student Financial Services Office of any change in enrollment status.
  • Inform the Office of Admissions and the Registrar when your address, telephone, or email changes.
  • Read, understand and keep copies of all forms that you are asked to sign.
  • Begin attending all classes for which you are enrolled since the first scheduled class day of the term.


As a financial aid applicant/recipient, you have the following rights:


Have access to information about:


  • The costs of attending school (tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, and applicable transportation costs)  
  • Need-based and non-need-based federal, state, institutional and private financial aid programs available to students.  
  • How students apply for aid and how eligibility is determined.
  • How the school distributes aid among students.
  • How and when financial aid will be disbursed.
  • Terms and conditions of any awards you receive
  • What is required to maintain eligiblity for aid
  • Terms of, the schedules for, and the necessity of loan repayment and required loan exit counseling for student loan borrowers.
  • The requirements for the return of Federal student aid funds when a student withdraws from school
  • Whom to contact for information on student financial assistance



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