Additional Aid Request - Fall 2014-Spring 2015

Eligible students who have been initially awarded financial aid but are in need of additional aid may submit an Additional Aid Request by selecting the "Submit and Request" button below. Students must meet the program criteria in order to be able to submit this online request. The Direct Loan Option is only activated if the student is eligible to request the loan*.

Aid available to request:

Direct Subsidized Loan

Direct Unsubsidized Loan

Direct Parent PLUS Loan

Direct Graduate PLUS Loan

Perkins Loan


Please note that both Perkins Loans and the Workstudy Program are contingent upon availability of funds.

*Important Criteria if requesting a Direct Loan

Students must meet the following Criteria in order for the Direct Loan request option to be activated. There is a minimum one day delay after meeting the criteria for the option to be available:

  • Meet the general eligibility requirements for federal student aid.
    • File a FAFSA
    • Be a US Citizen or eligible non-citizen and have a valid Social Security Number
    • Be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements
    • Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible degree-seeking program
    • Not be in default on a federal student loan and not owe money on a federal student grant
    • For Subsidized loans, demonstrate financial need as determined from the FAFSA

  • Must have been initially awarded financial aid. The direct loan request option is only available for students who need to request additional funds after being considered originally for financial aid. Students may already have been awarded financial aid (including loans) as part of their initial financial aid package.

  • Must have not reached the maximum subsidized and/or unsubsidized eligibility. There are limits on the maximum a student may be eligible to receive each academic year (yearly loan limit) and over their academic career (aggregate loan limit). These limits depend on grade level/classification and dependency status, as determined from the FAFSA. This link provides a chart with loan limits. To review a student’s financial aid loan history, visit National Student Loan Data System

  • Direct loans can only be awarded up to a student’s Cost of Attendance. The direct loan amount a student can borrow is determined by UTPA by considering a student’s Cost of Attendance (or budget based on enrollment) minus any other financial aid received. A student’s Cost of Attendance and financial aid received are available on ASSIST via myUTPA portal.

  • Freshmen first time borrowers, who did not get awarded a loan originally, must meet with our Default Prevention Officer for Freshmen Loan Counseling Session before getting awarded any type of Direct Loan. These sessions are held on a one-on-one basis at the Financial Aid Office. Students may sign up at Financial Aid Calendar.

  • Students awarded a Perkins Loan, Be On Time Loan,  or a TPEGP  will not be offered the option to request a Direct Loan. Students may elect to decline their award in order to request a Direct Loan.

For questions, please visit to find existing Q&A’s or to submit a question.

By submitting this request, I certify that

  • I meet the Direct Loan criteria above, if requesting a direct loan.
  • I understand that I will not be able to submit the direct loan request until one business day after meeting the criteria.
  • I have given careful consideration of my individual circumstances and needs by reviewing my current award package on ASSIST via myUTPA portal.
  • I have reviewed my direct loan history at NSLDS.
  • I understand that my request may be denied due to ineligibility or insufficient funds.
  • I will use my financial aid, including loans, for educational purposes only.
  • I understand that I may reject a portion of my award(s) on ASSIST via myUTPA portal.
  • I understand that any loan requests are tentative and final eligibility still needs to be determined by Student Financial Services.
  • I understand that my awards will be based on the award period(s) for the academic year.
  • I acknowledge that I cannot receive a Federal Perkins Loan and a Federal Stafford Direct Loan for the same period, therefore I understand that if I request a Perkins loan, my Federal Stafford Direct Loan will be canceled and replaced with the Federal Perkins Loan. This may cause a temporary balance and subsequently cause a temporary hold on my student account while the Perkins Loan gets processed.

Please allow from 5-7 business days for this request to be processed. Once processed, an award notification will reflect on ASSIST.


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