Institutional Programs

UTPA has several grant and scholarship programs funded by designated tuition revenue funds. These funds are set aside for need-based financial aid programs, such as:


UTPA Assistance Scholarship: a need-based scholarship for students enrolled full-time

Graduate Tuition Assistance Grant : a need-based grant for graduate students enrolled half-time

TPEG Grant: TPEG is an institutional grant for undergraduate and graduate students with exceptional financial need.

UTPAchieve: a need-based grant for undergraduate students enrolled for 15 hours or more per semester.

Summer Boost Grant: program is designed to help students decrease time to graduation by encouraging summer enrollment.

15 Hour Cash Back: an incentive program designed to help students pay for that extra class needed to complete their degree in four years.


UTPA has two institutional tuition waiver programs:

Employee Benefit Waiver for UTPA employees

Distance/Off Campus Learning Excemption


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