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September 26, 2016

Substitute Teacher Certification

Brochures & Registration Information

Fall 2015 Daytime & Evening Substitute Certification Bulletin

1. Who is eligible to enroll in a Substitute Teacher course? 
Anyone 18 years of age who has obtained a H.S. Diploma or G.E.D interested in becoming a substitute teacher is welcome to enroll in the course. It is open to the public.

2. Where are the classes held? 
Classes are held at the UTPA-Community Engagement and Student Success Building Room 1.101 1407 E. Freddy Gonzalez Dr. Edinburg Texas 78539.

3. What should I bring with me to the class? 
You should bring a pen or pencil to the class. Workbooks are provided for all participants.

4. Do I receive something to show that Iíve completed the course? 
You will receive a certificate upon the successful completion of the 12-hour course and three hours of classroom observation. We suggest that you make several copies of your certificate to present to the school district(s) you visit when applying for a substitute teaching position. You are encouraged to keep the original certificate for your own records.

5. How long is the certificate valid? 
The certificate never expires.

6. If I misplace my certificate, may I obtain a copy? 
Yes. Replacement certificates are available for individuals who took the class within the last five years. There is a $15 fee for a certificate replacement.

7. Which school districts accept these certificates? 
It is each school districtís decision whether or not to accept UTPA training certificates.

8. How can I register for an educator training workshop? Registration form can be completed at our office, room 1.101 at the UTPA Community Engagement and Student Success Building, 1407 E. Freddy Gonzalez Drive, Edinburg, TX.  Payment must be made at the time of registration with a check or money order made payable to UTPA.

9. What is the fee for the Substitute Teacher Certificate Course? 
The $60 registration fee includes 12 hours of instruction, instructional materials and certificate of completion.

10. What if I register for a class and later decide I would like to take it on a different date? 
Prior to the first class day, you may transfer to another section of the same course. A processing fee of $10 will be charged for each transfer. No transfers are processed after the first class session begins.

11. What if I register for a class and donít attend it? Will I receive a refund? 
Refund requests must be received in writing at least 24 hours before the course begins. A processing fee of $20 is charged for all refunds. No refunds are given after the first class session begins.

12. What are the requirements to become a substitute teacher? 
Requirements for substitute teachers vary by school district. You are advised to contact school district personnel offices to inquire about hiring policies, pay scales and opportunities for employment.

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Comments from course attendees:

Mr. Tanner is a very good teacher. Never knew a teacher like him. "Loved it!"

The instructor made every minute the most fun and educational.

The whole course in general was great, a lot of teaching that really allowed me to grasp the concept of being a substitute teacher.

The best part was the discussions the entire class  had after the instructional videos.

I like how we actually learned about treating kids and reading them.  I like Ms. Playle's energy , always bright like the sun.
Mr. Tanner's superior instructor with honesty and heart. You all are very lucky to have him.
The activities were very helpful.
The best part of the course was everything! Great class!!
Interacting with peers & the teacher was an excellent way to learn more and hear other peoples experiences.
Instructor  really motivated and gave great tips.
The instructors examples and own experiences put everything in an easier perspective to understand.
Every part was informative, interesting, and educational.  The teacher was excellent, covered everything very well.
I liked that we received examples on how to keep the kids working and well behaved.
Mr. Tanner's experience in the field  make him an asset to this class.  I feel more confident now than when I first walked in. My $ 60 were very well spent.
The best part of the course was when the instructor would give us scenarios so we could relate and understand what she was saying better.
The best part was learning how to control the room and the video was excellent to learn from about what to do for whatever happens on campus or in the class.
The instructors sharing her views as an administrator on what they expect from a sub and shared real experiences that can be related.
Ms. Playle thoroughly explained the materials.  She shared many of her own real life experiences.
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