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Our Mission

The Student Union of The University of Texas- Pan American is both a building and a concept. As a building, the Union Offers a gathering place for students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University. It houses services and programs. As a concept, the Student Union is a celebration of the spirit of University life. It celebrates community, diversity, scholarship, excellence and growth. The Student Union is a vital component of the University that enriches the academic programs of the institution.


The Union:

  • Is student centered, where service, convenience, accessibility and affordability are valued;
  • Appreciates diversity and fosters openness and acceptance;
  • Serves as the center of the University community life to provide an environment that is hospitable friendly, and welcoming;
  • Offers life experience opportunities and activities that develop leadership character integrity and self awareness;



  • Serves as a link for communication and association among all members of the University; and
  • Stands as a paragon of excellence in its provision of services, programs, facilities and responsible resource management.